Joanna Burrows

Photo of Joanna Burrows

My name is Jo Burrows (née Horsfall) and I am a conservation scientist, sessional academic and PhD candidate in the Wilson Environmental Decisions Lab at the Queensland University of Technology on Yuggera country (Brisbane, Australia).

My research interests include conservation policy, impact evaluation, social-ecological systems, decision making, and human-wildlife interactions. I explore various environments, from my own neighbourhood to Antarctica. My current research is part of the Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future, where I examine the effectiveness of the continent’s protected area network.

I’m a passionate and experienced educator, beginning my career as a high school teacher and currently teaching interdisciplinary environmental courses at The University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.

I have a diverse professional background in conservation science, recently working in the Queensland Government to develop and implement environmental policies and programs related to biodiversity offsets, protected areas, resource sector regulation and koala habitat protection. With additional experience in zookeeping, fauna management and animal rescue, I have a practical skillset in wildlife handling and assessment.

I hold a Bachelor of Science (Environment) (2013), Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) (2014), and Master of Conservation Science (via coursework and research; 2017).

In my blog I write about academia, the PhD experience, and personal and professional development.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at, or find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.